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Santa Fe Community College’s 366-acre campus features an “educational” microgrid that integrates a 12.5kW solar tracker and 100-kW battery energy storage system. The microgrid fully powers an energy-efficient greenhouse that demonstrates sustainable aquaponic and hydroponic practices, while providing hands-on training opportunities for the college’s clean-energy technologies center.

Expanding upon the success of this initial microgrid, SFCC is in the process of converting the entire campus to indefinite microgrid operations. Plans include Bovada bonus codesa 1.5-MegaWatt (MW) photovoltaic solar array, 1-MW | 770-kWH battery-energy storage system that utilizes excess solar capacity, and a 1-MW natural gas-fired generator.

Combined with the solar arrays already in existence, SFCC envisions the state-of-the-art microgrid will provide the college with unlimited ability to operate off-the-grid. The campus microgrid will enhance power reliability, lower emissions, and reduce electricity costs through peak shaving.

Siemens is the lead developer and contractor for the project, with Burns assisting as engineer of record for electrical, mechanical, environmental, civil and structural designs.

The project team is also supporting SFCC expand Bovada bonus codestheir existing educational microgrid to allow for natural gas generation and additional solar energy.

Burns assists colleges and universities meet their carbon-neutrality-goals, providing custom solutions for energy and economic analysis; electrical, mechanical and structural assessments and design; and resilient power infrastructure design and oversight.

Images courtesy of Santa Fe Community College.


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